We Work to Our Customers’ Standards

When it comes to quality, Aero Pump bases everything it does on pharmaceutical industry guidelines. Our products are optimized for the most sensitive application of all: human health.

Quality Assurance through Process Optimization

The modular space concept used at Aero Pump’s production facilities follows stringent GMP guidelines for quality assurance in production processes in the pharmaceutical sector. 

  • Gapless process documentation
    Cutting-edge technology from receipt of goods to materials testing, injection die molding, assembly, and issuing of goods
  • Production in clean-room conditions
    Pursuant to ISO CLASS 7 for injection die molding and assembly
    • Fully automated logistics
      Driverless transport system and fully automated high-bay warehouse as additional safety features
    • Comprehensive quality management
      Over 30 employees are involved in the ongoing verification of standards
    • Process safety
      The latest product flow safety concepts
    • Production flexibility
      Enables fast capacity increases, new production technologies, and short-term product range expansion
    • Close collaboration and direct communication
      With customers, suppliers, and colleagues, to reduce the risk of error


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Our actions are defined by optimization and development
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