Aero Pump – an internationally successful family business close to Frankfurt Airport

Aero Pump GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for pharmaceutical primary packaging. The company has constantly been growing since its foundation in 1976, and its products have been sold billions of times around the world. 

Quality awareness, creativity, and an international expert network have played an essential role in this development. As an owner-managed family business, Aero Pump has the agility to respond to customer requirements with rapid precision.

“Our company's history began with the development of an innovative product. We developed our first pump system without propellant gas back in 1976. Creativity combined with the highest level of quality across all fields continues to be the leitmotif for everything we do. It is a principle that customers both here and abroad value, and those customers have made us what we are today: a successful, independent company confidently focused on the future.”

Egon Schwab, Company Founder

The history of Aero Pump


Awareness of CFC emissions and their impact on the global climate grows in the 1970s, but Egon Schwab has an innovative solution for spraying liquids – the Aero Pump propellant-free system. He founds Aero Pump GmbH in 1976. The company’s first customer is Braun AG. The Aero Pump range grows as fast as its customer base.


Company founded; first propellant-free pump system


First customer in pharmaceuticals; nasal pump developed for Hoechst AG


The 1980s see Aero Pump excel in industry and pharmaceuticals with specialised developments while benefiting from its expertise in CFC-free pumps. The AP4 pump type prevails, especially in shoe care.

Aero Pump works with Pohl Boskamp on developing a pharmaceutical CFC-free spray for patients at risk of heart attack. Consistent dosage, 100% performance guarantee, and high-quality plastics are routine at Aero Pump.


Sublingual spray with high-precision AP2 horizontal pump launched onto the European and US markets


Constant growth necessitates an integrated production and quality concept at Aero Pump by the late 1990s.

Aero Pump works together with its partners on developing the COMOD® and 3K® systems. The three companies involved in developing the system found Ursatec GmbH for development and sales.


Aero Pump moves into its new headquarters in Hochheim am Main in the 2000s, a location perfectly matched to the production conditions of the pharmaceutical industry and the place where Egon Schwab founded his company.

Sales for high-precision pumps pass the 100 million threshold and continue to grow. The extension building optimised for workflow is commissioned in 2009, doubling the production floor area and enabling extensive goods flow automation. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 15378 firmly positions the company in the pharmaceutical industry.


New headquarters in Hochheim


Preservative-free 3K® eye dropper launched


Production area doubled


Growth continues unabated in the 2010s.

The company moves into the new administration building with modern offices to match the state-of-the-art production facilities. The company breaks a new sales record at more than 220 million units as the number of employees steadily approaches the 300 mark. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001 brings more focus onto energy management, and therefore also sustainability.

Founder Egon Schwab retires on the company’s fortieth anniversary. His daughter Alexandra Paasch takes the reins together with Stefan Christ. Specialist trade fairs showcase two new developments: an eye dropper with a SideActuationDevice for safe and easy application, and the AeroLock CR pump system with a child-resistant closure for nasal or horizontal sprays. Having outgrown its manufacturing facilities once again, the recent expansion is completed in the summer of 2020.


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 15378; first US DMFs filed


Aero Pump wins CPhI Pharma Award in the "Excellence in Pharma – Drug Delivery Devices" category


Ecomyst90 inhaler launched



DIN EN ISO 13485 certification


Commissioning of the new Aero Pump logistics and competence center

Take a look into our process-oriented manufacturing facilities

Our company philosophy

Our business approach centres on the pursuit of continuous improvement. Our actions are focused on optimising processes, developing our products, and keeping a spirit of partnership and cooperation both internally and towards others.

Thinking ahead
Our customers can rest assured that Aero Pump delivers exactly what they need in their applications. We supply primary packaging and application materials for high-value pharmaceutical products on time, every time. Our aim is to make sure drugs are administered to their greatest effect using our technology and creativity.

Knowledge acquisition
This is why we attach great importance to regular further training. Apart from that, we maintain an expert network for constant knowledge sharing with our partners across the world. Our strategic partnerships with universities also keep us up to speed on the state of the art in research and awareness on customer expectations.

Maintaining relationships
We take a service approach to business. We see our customers as a source of inspiration. Since we are an independent player, we are able to plan long-term as an employer and focus on sustainable growth as we have done since 1976. Our customers can rely on a solid business relationship with us – now and in the future.

Company Policy


Silver award for Aero Pump

Aero Pump received an award in the EcoVadis CSR rating, an outstanding result that has placed us in the top 30% of achievers in the international arena.

Every company carries responsibility beyond its core business and legal requirements. This has led to the emergence of a now familiar term – corporate social responsibility (CSR). This describes the voluntary role businesses play in sustainable development – including health and social welfare – and corporate governance in four main areas: environment, social issues, ethics, and supply chain.

The EcoVadis rating uses a specialised assessment method compatible with the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000, and covers 21 CSR indicators, 150 purchasing categories, and 140 countries in its CSR assessment system.

The EcoVadis rating uses a specialised assessment method compatible with the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000, and covers 21 CSR indicators, 150 purchasing categories, and 140 countries in its CSR assessment system. 

We are proud of having achieved a higher rating this year – Silver – with our continuous involvement strategy. 

Our „Code of Conduct“

We at Aero Pump apply the highest standards by taking a responsible approach to our actions and practices both internally and towards others.

Our Code of Conduct sets the founding principles for our employees to follow in making decisions and acting on them in compliance with adequate standards.

Responsible behaviour is a matter of routine in all our interactions.

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