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Nose-to-brain drug administration and a novel approach with an old familiar

Together with two colleagues from Ursatec, Rouven Kraus wrote this interesting article for the April issue of the OnDrugDelivery magazine.


Open EyeSpray

The Demand for Metered Dose Eye Drops - A Dose delivery Study

In the March issue of OnDrugDelivery magazine, Rouven Kraus, Head of Sales at Aero Pump, discusses a dose delivery study comparing various delivery technologies designed to meet the demand for metered dose eye drops.

Aero Pump exhibits at the congress of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
01.-04. May 2022 in Denver/Colorado

After two years of Corona, we are looking forward to being in personal contact with customers, interested parties and specialists from the ophthalmic sector again at the ARVO congress.

Aero Pump in China

Due to existing travel restrictions in China Aero Pump could not participate in exhibitions and forums in Far East this year.

Notwithstanding, our partners from Angen Technology Co., Ltd. from Shanghai represented us at the 13th Vogel Pharmaceutical Engineering Forum in Taizhou (Jiangsu Province). It was a great show where we could establish several good contacts to representatives from the industry.

Read also our whitepaper in the magazine PharmaTEC to receive some insights about latest developments in preservative-free Ophthalmic Multidose Devices:

由于中国现有的旅行限制,Aero Pump GmbH 未能参加今年远东地区的展会和论坛。

我公司的合作伙伴 Angen Technology Co., Ltd.很有幸代表我们参加了在泰州(江苏省)举行的第十三届弗戈制药工程国际论坛会。

欢迎阅读我们在 PharmaTEC 杂志上发表的文章:以便更多了解眼科无防腐剂多剂量滴眼液系统的最新发展。


Open EyeSpray

Advanced drug delivery for Dry Eye treatment

See our publication in the OnDrugDelivery magazine, Ophthalmic Issue January 2020, the EyeSpray of Aero Pump for the application of ultra-fine droplets onto the opened eye. The highly innovative pump system for the treatment of Dry Eye Disease.

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