Whatever you want to dose:

we have the pump for your product


Our 3K eye droppers based on a mechanical pump system ensure precise dosing and exact reproducibility of the drops, placing our system ahead of the rest.


Our nasal pumps have successfully been used billions of times across the world, and not only against colds and allergies.


Unique technology for liquid inhalation formulas. Ecomyst90 and SoftBreezer combine our systems with innovative technology and patient benefits.


Our buccal spray pumps are mostly used in treating coughs and colds. Our systems have also been successfully tested for suitability with viscous formulas.


Our versatile ear pumps for otological use have successfully been used for years in treating ear issues such as swimmer’s ear and ear canal conditions.


Our topical pumps for dermal application are suitable for a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments. Our horizontal pump is a multipurpose solution for the skin, foot, and head.

Pump systems for cosmetics

Intuitive and comfortable application

Exact dosing and precision down to the last push

Our topical pumps for dermal administration are suitable for a variety of medical and cosmetic treatments. Our horizontal pump is a multipurpose solution for the skin, foot, and head.

Demands on cosmetics are high and rising steadily. New requirements from patients and customers require matching application systems to meet the most exacting standards, whether in natural or medical cosmetics.

Our modular pumps have been designed according to pharmaceutical standards in an ideal approach to a perfect product solution.

Whether they are for innovative preservative-free cosmetics or intended as airless systems for oxygen-sensitive formulas: our pumps provide a suitable solution.

Many cosmetic products require 360° or upside-down applications; we provide the corresponding system.

Areas of application: dermal application of creams and sprays with precise and individual dosage.

Interested in a pump system for your cosmetic product?

We look forward to hearing from you. Send us an e-mail at salesaeropump.de



Pump systems for special applications

Horizontal pumps for industrial oils as well as cleaning and maintenance products

Our pumps are ideal for packaging in areas that require precise dosage and targeted application.

Pump systems are often required for high-precision and specialised applications with high standards outside the pharmaceutical industry. Horizontal pumps in a variety of designs from Aero Pump are used in the technical industry.

AP4 closures with one-inch diameters for aluminum cans as an alternative to aerosols, specialised pump heads with capillary tubes for mechanical oils, and nozzles with varying high-precision spraying angles are examples of the versatility of our pump systems.

Areas of application: industrial oils, cleaning and maintenance products, etc.

Interested in pump systems for your specialised application?

We look forward to hearing from you – send us an e-mail at salesaeropump.de



Modular design, limitless versatility

Pump systems from Aero Pump consist of up to seventeen parts. The individual modules are designed for combination or substitution with others. This makes it possible to design multiple systems, e.g. in preservative-free applications. Taking into account the various combinations with complementary packaging and our specialized solutions, the range of products is virtually unlimited. 

Our partner Ursatec supplies preservative-free pumps using the 3K® system in addition to a wide range of compatible bottles in various materials and different filling volumes, also for our eye droppers.


 Consulting Ursatec


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