Pump Systems for Topical Application

Horizontal pumps for topical application are Aero Pump’s original product and feature a wide range of dosing options, offering reliable, precise dosages for both large-area and selective application.


  • Consistently accurate dosing
  • Fast priming and repriming
  • Available dose sizes: 25, 45, 80, 100, 130, 150, 180, 300 mg
  • Individual doses available from 25 mg to 300 mg



  • Anatomic design, easy to use
  • For liquid and viscose contents


Further Processing

  • For screw-on, crimp and snap-on connections
  • Complementary plastic, tubing glass, or blow-molded glass packaging materials
  • Suitable for conventional filling plants

All Aero Pump systems for topical application are also available for preservative-free contents:
> Ursatec Verpackung GmbH.

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