Multiple-Dosage Dropper Systems for Ophthalmologic Application

Aero Pump has specialized in manufacturing spray and dropper systems for preservative-free liquids since the early 1990s. The patented 3K® system with three-part contamination protection offers the highest safety standards: a specially designed filter protects the product from microbiological contamination, using the surrounding air required for volume equalization, a silver spiral at the top is used to prevent bacteria growth, and a special valve system stops backflow.

Our latest eyedropper system has been a tried-and-tested marketplace standard since 2006. It allows for numerous successive single doses from the same container, meaning more contents and less waste.


  • Consistently accurate drop size
  • Fast priming
  • Specially designed for preservative-free liquids
  • Three-part contamination protection
  • Available dose sizes: 28, 45 mg
  • Individual doses from 28 mg to 45 mg available upon request


  • Snap-on closure for fast, safe handling in clean rooms
  • ETO sterilizable
  • Microbiological study upon request
  • Produced in clean-room conditions according to ISO CLASS 7
  • Suitable for both OTC and prescription medications



  • Patented system
  • Easy application thanks to reduced required operating force

Further Processing

  • Complementary plastic, tubing glass, or blow-molded glass packaging materials
  • Suitable for conventional filling plants


At Aero Pump, customizations are a standard feature. Contact us today!

Product video

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Microbiological study
Microbiological quality after pre-test and dynamic integrity test 3K-dropper (exemplified illustration)
(one test run out of several wider scaled testings)


TestPre-testDynamic IntegrityDynamic Integrity
Number of Samplescfu in the doses 1-31)cfu in the 1st dose 3 days after the last contamination2)cfu in the 1st dose 3 days after the last contamination3)
20< l.o.d.< l.o.d.< l.o.d.

1) Detection limit 15.15 cfu/ml (Volume of three doses 90 µl)
2) Detection limit 45.45 cfu/ml (Volume of one dose 30 µl)
3) Detection limit 0.2 cfu/ml (Volume being tested 1 ml)
< l.o.d. below limit of detectiontection

This report focuses on the microbiological safety of Saline Solution in the dropper 3K. In order to test the safety of these products an extreme in-vivo-use was simulated as part of the experiments:
The testing condition of the dynamic integrity test contained a maximum of critical parameters such as an extreme high viable count (106 cfu/ml), a test organism well known as a successful contaminant (P.aeruginosa), and frequent, sequential contaminators.
Despite the extreme challenging parameters of the tests, which exceeded the usual real case conditions, no impairements of the microbiological quality of the product were seen. The repeated dipping into the bacterial suspension did not affect the quality of the first dose or the content.

The complete report is available upon request.

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