An Innovation Marks Company’s Founding

As the effects of CFC emissions on the environment became known in the 1970s, Egon Schwab came up with a trendsetting solution for spraying liquids: the Aero Pump system, which works without the use of propellant gas. He then founded Aero Pump GmbH in 1976, with Braun AG as one of the company’s first customers. In the years to follow, Aero Pump’s product range has continued to grow just as fast as its customer base.

> Advancements in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In 1979, the former Hoechst AG firm recognized the advantages of the Aero Pump system. It commissioned the development of a nasal pump with consistent dosage accuracy throughout the entire product cycle. The preparation is still successful on the marketplace today.

> Growth through Customer-Oriented Solutions

In the 1980s, Aero Pump enjoyed immense success both in the engineering and the pharmaceutical sectors with specially designed developments and benefited from its expertise in developing CFC-free pumps. The AP4 pump was highly successful, especially in the shoe care market.

> Development Milestones

Aero Pump and its partners developed the COMOD® system for preservative-free eyedrops in 1993. It is based on an airless pump that withdraws liquids from a container with an inner bag without letting surrounding air flow back in, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination during usage. The three companies involved in developing the system went on to found Ursatec Verpackung GmbH as a joint distribution entity.
In 1997, the 3K® nasal pump was developed to complement the COMOD® system. The new 3K® system was incredibly successful on the preservative-free nasal spray market, one of the reasons being the complex Aero Pump module system, which was designed to respond to customer needs quickly

> A New Headquarters Leads the Way

Aero Pump’s continuous growth meant that an integrated production and quality concept was very much required by the late 1990s. In 2001, Aero Pump moved into its new headquarters, which are tailored to the production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, in the German town of Hochheim am Main – the exact location where Egon Schwab first founded his company.

> Cutting-Edge Products for Valuable Contents

The innovative airless AeroLin and Polyfaero® all-in-one systems open up new possibilities for hygienic packaging and user-friendly production of sensitive products.
The patented, preservative-free multiple-dose eyedrop system revolutionized the market for ophthalmologic primary packaging in 2006.

> Established Parner of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Alexandra Paasch and Stefan Christ have been supporting company founder Egon Schwab as executive board members since 2007.
The number of precision pumps sold has passed the 100 million mark. The start-up of a work-flow-optimized expansion in 2009 doubled the production area and allowed for extensive goods flow automation. Establishment in the pharmaceutical sector was officially marked by DIN EN ISO 15378 certification. The submission of the first DMF signaled Aero Pump’s entrance onto the American market, and distribution is booming with the sale of 126 million pumps.

So much activity requires more space: a new administrative building has been being planned since 2010.

> Toward a Bright Future with Renewed Momentum

Growth continues unabated.
Administrative roles move into the new building, allowing the offices to be adapted into state-of-the-art production areas.
A new record sales figure of more than 220 Mio units is achieved, and the number of employees advances towards 300.
Certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management) is achieved as sustainability becomes more important to the company.
Company founder Egon Schwab retires in the year of Aero Pump's 40th anniversary. Since then his daughter Alexandra Paasch has taken over management of the company together with Stefan Christ.
Two innovations are ready for presentation at relevant exhibitions: the eye dropper with SideActuationDevice for a safe and easy application and AeroLock, a childproof closure for nasal or horizontal pumps.

The premises have again become too small, but construction plans are already taking shape and breaking ground for a further expansion of production will take place in summer 2018.



Aero Pump wins the CPhi Pharma Awards, category "Excellence in Pharma - Drug Delivery Devices" with the eye dropper with SideActuationDevice for a convenient and safe application.


Aero Pump celebrates its 40th anniversary


DIN EN ISO 50001 certification

Aero Pump's founder Egon Schwab retires and leaves the management board.


Sales quantity of 220 Million units


Move into the new administrative headquarters


DIN EN ISO 15378 certification; first DMF submission; total sales of 126 million pumps reached; new office building in planning


Expansion; doubling of production area; optimization and extensive goods flow automation


Sale of over 100 million pumps achieved


Alexandra Paasch and Stefan Christ join the executive board


Introduction of patented preservative-free multiple-dosage eyedropper systems


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001


Development of the upside-down pump; new corporate headquarters in Hochheim


Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001


Development of a pump for the 3K® system (patented)


Development of an airless pump for the COMOD® system (patented), First clean-room facility for spray pump production


First pharmaceutical customer: Hoechst AG; nasal pump development


First pump system without propellant gas; company formation


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